• Rainbow Max is shaping the sector professionally and being a dynamic leader. Our mission is to build an international company providing professional distribution of full schooling and stationary items of premium quality through strategic partnerships with our employees, internally, and our suppliers and customers, offering everyone a transparent and clear relationship to the maximize consistent growth and profit for all.
  • Our principles are; fashion, design, quality, product details that values child health in production, presentation, display & marketing I sales and after sales services¬†


  • Increase the product range with new licenses and obtain new clients. That new product range will allow us to continuously reinforce our relationship with current clients.
  • To position all the brands as top international through re-modeling of the retail space and various marketing programs to generate more revenue and contributor to the overall brand increasing equity.
  • To exceed the customer satisfaction by maintaining developed range of toy & stationery products corresponding to each of the brands.
  • Expand our business by leading our own brands and licensees to Europe, America, Middle east, North Africa and Russia as one of the leading companies in stationery and toys.