Our Brands

Our corporate portfolio of licensed brands is consistently growing, with latest advent of LOL, Pinkfong, Justice league, Ford, My little Pony & Hello Kitty. Rainbow Max has also acquired The FCB, Real Madrid, Smurfs, Trolls,Ice Age , Ben 10 and Angry Birds.

Rainbow Max is positioned in the market as a triple solution:

1. licensing:

 holding a library of international licensed brand such as Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters, Mustang, ford Raptor, Shelby, trolls, Iftah Ya Simsim, Sanrio Characters, Smurf, FCB, Real Madrid, Me to you, Yo-Kai Watch, My little Pony, Transformers, Smiley, Sonic, Justice league, Lonony Tunes, Tom and Jerry , Care Bears,. Her big experience, ambition and faith to be the best has lead these brands to be top deleing in the GCC and MENA.

2. Own brand

Our fashion brand Fullstop, Pause, Upgrade which are trendy and suitable for the teems and for business

In 2005 Rainbow max has lunched her first own character Lulu Caty.

Lulu Caty, a brand targeting girls ages 4-12 years. The first cartoon ( season 1) lunched in Spacetoon in 20015-2006 her big success in earning big numbers of viewers and fans around the world from girl’s surrounded by love behind reason to the cutest cat in the world lead the company to launch the new season of Lulu Caty’s cartoon, new adds, songs products by her own animation company (Rainbow max Production house) on the number 1 kids channel in MENA MBC3 along with full range of products (Stationery, toys, life style, textile, gifts) distributed by Rainbow Max’s distributors agents around the GCC and MENA. With her experienced and creative marketing team Rainbow Max has travelled with lulu Caty’s journey on wings of south Africa success: mission to make lulu spread her love everywhere, In 2009 rainbow max has entered Lulu Caty as the first and the biggest school bag in the hall world in Guinness book of records.

Also rainbow max has launched a big program Go for Speed launched in January 2010 on MBC3 along with full range of toys and BTS items. A big marketing plan will change the meaning of elling, professionalism, fighting to be the best.

3.OEM Products.

Another business unit is focused on those exclusive products designed for clients with their own brands.